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We believe that we must accept the residents as they are and care for them at the level at which they are functioning. Therefore we recognize our obligation to help restore the resident to their highest possible state of physical, mental and emotional health and to maintain their sense of spiritual and social well being. We further believe that the resident has the right to as much independent decision-making as possible.

We believe that Pine Crest Nursing Home has the obligation to preserve the integrity of the family unit as much as possible. We understand that family relationships undergo stress and change during prolonged absences. The facility and staff must help to mitigate these circumstances and provide a family atmosphere.

Residents who are becoming increasing ill or who are dying have the right to support, understanding, and companionship as well as physical care. They have the right to care that encourages their participation, yet serves them with dignity and graciousness where they have deficits, and affords them an atmosphere conducive to “death with dignity”.
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